William T. Watson Named President & CEO of ServiceMaster Facilities Maintenance

Memphis, TN. Release: October 9, 2018

William “Troy” Watson was officially named President and CEO of ServiceMaster Facilities Maintenance on Wednesday, October 3, 2018, after filling this role on an interim basis after the death of founding President and CEO, Vincent B. Lee.


ServiceMaster Facilities Maintenance was founded in 2005 by Vincent B. Lee, André R. Coleman, William T. Watson, and Laurence Plummer, Sr. This partnership group combined more that 25 years’ worth of facilities maintenance experience to create a janitorial and commercial cleaning business dedicated to providing its customers with above and beyond service.


Mr. Watson has been acting as interim President and CEO, as well as Chief Operations Office, for the past two years. During this time, Mr. Lee was battling cancer and eventually passed away in early 2018. With the announcement of Mr. Watson’s change in titles, the position of COO has been eliminated for the time being. Mr. Jimmy Johnson will be raised to the position of General Manager and will oversee business operations related to service delivery to our customers.


“Troy being named President and CEO is a great step for our company. He has worked extremely hard over the past two years during Vincent’s absence. Vincent would be extremely proud of Troy. Troy welcomes this challenge and will excel in his new role.”, says André Coleman, CFO.


“We are so excited to announce the elevation of Mr. Troy Watson to the position of President/CEO. After the death of our beloved partner Vincent Lee, we are tremendously blessed to have had the time to have a seamless transition. As difficult and challenging of a loss of such a great leader, man, and friend, we are blessed in that God granted Mr. Watson and Mr. Lee to have spent thousands of hours in training and preparation for this day! I don’t believe that we were ready for the loss of our leader, but we were prepared! As difficult as it has been accepting that one day we would be faced with the loss of our leader and friend, we were prepared for the transition. I sincerely believe that our best days are in front of us and will be greater than our past. This is a great day for ServiceMaster Facilities Maintenance! I am confident that Mr. Watson is going to make all of us proud. He is a great leader and he is 100% committed to our clients, employees and our partnership. I am confident that Vincent is looking down and he is smiling as this is what he requested before his death. We are committed to continuing in the way we have always conducted business and we are confident that our future is very bright under the leadership of Mr. Watson.”, says Laurence Plummer, Sr., Chairman of the Board of Directors.