• Vincent Lee
    Vincent Lee

    President and CEO

    In his role as CEO and President, Vincent takes a primary role in the delivery of all aspects of management and strategic direction of the company. He is responsible for focusing on expanding business relationships with corporate occupiers, owners and developers, as well as government and public sector clients. He streamlined the company making it flatter and more responsive to customer needs, increasing the company's profitability, and growth. Learn More

  • Andre Coleman
    Andre Coleman

    Vice-President and CFO

    As CFO, Andre' will have overall responsibility for all aspects of the Company's financial and accounting operations; including monthly and annual financial reporting, banking relationships, cash forecasting and management, taxes and audit activities. He oversees adherence to ServiceMaster Facilities Maintenance financial and accounting policies and sets direction for their compliance.. Learn More

  • William Watson
    William Watson

    Vice-President of Operation

    As Vice-President of Operation, William will focus on operational excellence and strengthening existing client and service provider relationships, as well as establishing new ones. He is an accomplished team leader, with ability to motivate employees and deliver results. Able to evaluate operational needs and implement strategies that increase productivity, enhance quality and improve customer satisfaction. Learn More


Today, ServiceMaster Facilities Maintenance is a fast-growing provider of full-service facility maintenance and janitorial services in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. With over a 1,000 employees throughout 11 states, strong management is key in our successful operations. With an emphasis on communication, our professional management staff strives to provide unmatched customer service in each of our clients. Area managers are supported by the Senior Management Staff. They also have numerous resources in the home office, such as a state of the art training center, as well as a full service warehouse. From the beginning, SMFM strong business ethics have been reflected in the ServiceMaster philosophy:

Our Pledge

In everything we do, we pledge honesty, dependability and a job well done.

Our philosophy

Marion E. Wade, founder of ServiceMaster, had a very strong system of moral and ethical principles he instilled in his company from its inception. These core beliefs have also become our primary objectives:

To honor God in all we do

Faithful adherence to a strong moral and ethical ideal should guide all aspects of a company's operation, as well as one's personal life. It is not an expression of a particular religious belief, or a basis for exclusion. Rather, it is a mandate for inclusion, and a constant reminder for us to do the right thing in the right way. We encourage everyone in our ServiceMaster family to live by principles of honesty, fairness, and diligence. As Marion E. Wade once said, "If you don't live it, you don't believe it."

To excel with customers

Only by providing service excellence can we achieve our goals. If we remain true to our principles, we cannot be satisfied with "good enough." We must always strive to provide our clients the highest in quality and value.

To help people develop

As a leader in the business community, it is our responsibility to help people develop personally, as well as professionally. To this end, we provide our employees with ongoing opportunities to learn new skills and advance within our company. Expectations are clearly expressed and merit is rewarded through our system of incentives and awards. By motivating our people to fulfill their own potential and by treating them with respect, we develop their confidence and their ability to contribute to the community, as well as enhancing the quality of their professional performance.

To grow profitably

It is our responsibility to remain a stable means of support for our employees. By growing profitably, we can set a positive example for the rest of the business community—that profitability is the by-product of hard work and ethical business practices. These simple objectives form the foundation for our success.